It is often said that those who have less in life should have more protection from the law. A statement that could be an irony for some unfortunate individuals who had experiences of threats and coercion from a group of individuals who possess not only the power of money, but also the influence of acquaintances like public figures and renowned businessmen.

Lawyers Gold Coast will get the best outcome, and they understand every legal remedy or procedure that could apply to your individual needs. A trusted and reliable partner in letting you know what must be done and when should you take action on a sensitive matter concerning your family’s security and safety. Relying on the power of evidence and the corroboration and consistency of statements establishes the foundation of winning a lawsuit of whatever nature or degree of importance.

Lawyer defined

This profession could be named in many ways as an attorney, a counselor or simply a legal counsel who will represent their clients in a court of law, for or against anyone who has filed a case or complaint either as counsel for the accused or as counsel for the defendant.

What exactly does a lawyer do?

As an attorney or a legal counsel for an individual or a company, a lawyer assumes the responsibility of an advocate or as an advisor. An advocate would mean a person who will take legal actions in order for someone to settle an obligation or for an organization to adhere to policies in order for a plan of action to prosper. On another hand, being an advisor gives a lawyer the chance to communicate to a client what should or shouldn’t be done with critical situations or sensitive matters concerning a lawsuit. He makes suggestions or recommendations to a client for a smooth-sailing proceeding without the need to worry about being twisted or countered by a fellow lawyer in terms of rules on technicalities of a particular case.

The four  fundamental responsibilities of a lawyer

  • Responsibility to the legal system – first and foremost, a lawyer who passed the bar examinations becomes an automatic member of an integrated bar organization in his own country of residence. As such, he should uphold the principles and ideals of his chosen career and must do his best to work with honesty or integrity at all times. This keeps from tarnishing the name of the organization which he belongs, or place his fellow counsels in a bad light after having been accused of a wrongdoing.
  • Responsibilities to their clients and stakeholders – a lawyer must work with professionalism, commitment, and dedication in defending the rights and privileges of his clients, including groups or organizations who are advocates of true justice that relies on lawyers to be fair or impartial in all his words or actions.
  • Role of lawyers as effective leaders – Much is expected from a lawyer because people look at him as someone who does not only know the moral obligation but also the social responsibility of upholding the truth especially for those who are oppressed and marginalized in the society.

Roles as expert technicians and wise counselors – More than what lawyers receive from their clients also come to the conscience on how a case was won. The strategies and techniques during a  court proceeding may sound or appear misleading for some people who don’t have a single idea on how justice works. Only a lawyer knows what he has done for a client either in victory or defeat.