Family lawyers deal with a wide range of issues which stem from family relationships. Often undergoing adverse can be in emotionally draining time for a majority of individuals. However with the help of the right professional guidance, they can navigate these complex legal issues without a great deal of difficulty.

How can family lawyers in Canberra help you?

A family lawyer has the experience of handling various legal matters pertaining to family law. They can offer you valuable advice regarding divorce, child custody and support along with adoption and pre-nuptial agreements. A lawyer works on the half of they clients and not only provide them it advise but also represent them in court when required. A lawyer also carries out arbitration and negotiation on behalf of their clients.

Handling divorce matters with the help of family lawyers in Canberra

End of a marriage or domestic partnership can take its toll upon both the partners. With the help of a family lawyer it becomes easy to get the legal assistance which is required to navigate the complex matters involved in all these proceedings. Family lawyers also make sure that they keep the interest of the children protected at all times especially in cases of custody and support. They can help parents come to an agreement by drafting custody matters and determining the visitation rights and schedules.


Planning to adopt child entails a great deal of paperwork and it is important that every legal statute and agreement is looked upon before making a final decision. A family lawyer can make sure that they are able to guide the prospective parents about all the necessary requirements and ensure that they are in compliance with the adoption laws in Canberra.

Providing help with domestic violence and restoring orders

If anybody you know has been a victim of domestic violence, it is important that they get the services of a professional family lawyer who should be engaged on an immediate basis. They can provide essential support to they clients in getting legal protection. They will also help the clients get restraining orders and represent them in court if necessary. They will make sure that the safety of the client is never compromised and will take the necessary legal interventions. Your family lawyer can also help you connect with research centres and counselling services along with support groups.

Lawyers can help with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

They can help a couple draft a pre-nuptial or postnuptial agreement to lay down the financial and property matters in the event of a divorce or separation. These agreements need to be carried out carefully because it would outline that division of assets and the support and all other element issues which will help protect both the parties.

Balance Family Law Canberra uses different approaches to dispute resolution. Their aim is to get a fair outcome and also minimize any sort of conflict. Both the parties are offered negotiations and mediation to come at a mutually agreeable term and create an open communication between them.