Road rages and reckless driving ends up incurring damage to both the parties involved, sometimes a little unfairly to the victims rather the perpetrator. However, there are ways to ensure not just the safety of your life but also make sure you incur minimal financial damage or at least, make the other party justly pay for it. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you ever run into an accident, on how to keep yourself and your rights protected:

Don’t Move

When you are in an accident and are physically capable as well, stay where you are and try to protect the scene. There are always potential evidences that can help you protect yourself and / or claim insurance on your car that would otherwise be meaningless if you fled the scene. You can also take pictures of the extent of the damage that can help you out against claims and other legal paperwork.

Estimate Damage

If you get into a car accident, and are considerably out of harm’s way, first thing to do is to estimate the damage you incurred. The wreckage incurred to your car or any asset including your own body that was distorted in the accident qualifies as a car accident damage that should be compensated.

Call the Police


Don’t wait for the other party to act, call the police the moment you get the chance. Wait for them to arrive and explain the situation to them. When you make insurance claims, you will probably require police reports of the incident as a proof.

Get Medical Help

Sometimes in such accidents, the damage physically incurred may not be apparent. Even if you feel like nothing is wrong, don’t ignore it. The injuries may be minimal, but do not neglect them and get medical help as soon as possible. It is best to rule out all possibilities of probable injuries there and then. In contrast, suffering the consequences surfacing ages later where you can’t figure out what went wrong.

Get a Lawyer

In an event of a car accident, a crucial thing to do is hiring a car accident lawyer. Lawyers or a law firm canberra can easily assess your situation and protect your rights when need be. They can also assist with insurance claims since most insurance companies require your statement immediately after the accident. Before making any statements, get in touch with your lawyer. A lawyer gives a holistic picture of the total damage that you incurred in the accident. Furthermore, you can expect your lawyer to help you figure out the justified compensation too. Car accidents can get messy and if you don’t have lawyer, it can fall out of your favor really quickly. If you are looking for more cost effective options, some lawyers charge on incident basis; you will not be charged unless the lawyer is required to recover compensations for your injuries, etc.