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Things to do After a Car Accident

Things to do After a Car Accident

Road rages and reckless driving ends up incurring damage to both the parties involved, sometimes a little unfairly to the victims rather the perpetrator. However, there are ways to ensure not just the safety of your life but also make sure you incur minimal financial damage or at least, make the other party justly pay for it. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you ever run into an accident, on how to keep yourself and your rights protected:

Don’t Move

When you are in an accident and are physically capable as well, stay where you are and try to protect the scene. There are always potential evidences that can help you protect yourself and / or claim insurance on your car that would otherwise be meaningless if you fled the scene. You can also take pictures of the extent of the damage that can help you out against claims and other legal paperwork.

Estimate Damage

If you get into a car accident, and are considerably out of harm’s way, first thing to do is to estimate the damage you incurred. The wreckage incurred to your car or any asset including your own body that was distorted in the accident qualifies as a car accident damage that should be compensated.

Call the Police


Don’t wait for the other party to act, call the police the moment you get the chance. Wait for them to arrive and explain the situation to them. When you make insurance claims, you will probably require police reports of the incident as a proof.

Get Medical Help

Sometimes in such accidents, the damage physically incurred may not be apparent. Even if you feel like nothing is wrong, don’t ignore it. The injuries may be minimal, but do not neglect them and get medical help as soon as possible. It is best to rule out all possibilities of probable injuries there and then. In contrast, suffering the consequences surfacing ages later where you can’t figure out what went wrong.

Get a Lawyer

In an event of a car accident, a crucial thing to do is hiring a car accident lawyer. Lawyers or a law firm canberra can easily assess your situation and protect your rights when need be. They can also assist with insurance claims since most insurance companies require your statement immediately after the accident. Before making any statements, get in touch with your lawyer. A lawyer gives a holistic picture of the total damage that you incurred in the accident. Furthermore, you can expect your lawyer to help you figure out the justified compensation too. Car accidents can get messy and if you don’t have lawyer, it can fall out of your favor really quickly. If you are looking for more cost effective options, some lawyers charge on incident basis; you will not be charged unless the lawyer is required to recover compensations for your injuries, etc.

Incident: can you give the lawyer credit?

Incident: can you give the lawyer credit?

Imagine you had a car accident. Between you and the other driver a protest arises about who is right and who is wrong. Convinced of being on the right side and having respected the highway code present the claim for compensation to your insurance. But this denies you the reimbursement of the expenses necessary for the repair of the car. In the liquidator’s opinion, in fact, there is no certainty about the methods of the accident and the respective faults: therefore,

in the presence of a protest by the other driver, it is not possible to proceed with the liquidation of the damage. Marveled, you go to a lawyer. These, like you, are convinced of your reasons; so it suggests you sue the insurance. But you need the money right away to fix the car without which you can not go to work: impossible to wait for the long times of a trial, nor do you have a sum to anticipate for the mechanic.

So propose to your lawyer an agreement: he will give you the money necessary for the development of the car in exchange for the assignment of credit for compensation that the judge will recognize. In practice, if the judgment is successful, all the compensation that will pay the insurance will be able to collect your defender. Is such a pact valid? In case of all the compensation that the insurance will pay will be able to collect your defender. Is such a pact valid? In case of all the compensation that the insurance will pay will be able to collect your defender. Is such a pact valid? In case ofaccident, can you give the lawyer credit? The question, albeit singular, was the subject of a recent ruling by the Supreme Court [1] . Here’s what the supreme judges said about it.

The problem arises from the interpretation of a rule of the civil code [2] . It establishes (among other things) that lawyers can not , even through a third party, become assignees of rights on which a dispute arises before the judicial authority of which they belong or in whose jurisdiction they exercise their functions, under penalty of nullity and damages.

As clarified by the Court of Cassation, the law establishes the nullity of any agreement with which the customer transfers to his lawyer, in charge of suing the insurance, the claim that will vanish against the insurance once the judgment is completed as determined by the judge. It does not matter – say the judges – that the sale takes place before the start of the case, when the mandate has been conferred – extrajudicial – to the recovery of credit towards the company. The extensive interpretation of the prohibition of assignment referred to the “rights on which a dispute arises”, observes the panel, is consistent with the cumulation in the same person of the quality of the assignee of the credit and of the lawyer appointed to recover it in court.

It should not be forgotten, however, that the transfer of the credit to the workshop in charge of repairing the vehicle is allowed. And this because the mechanic is not included among the subjects to whom the Civil Code prohibits the assignment of credit. As we have already explained in How to get the car repaired for free, already from the time of the request for compensation – which must be sent as soon as possible, and in any case never more than two years, with a registered letter with a credit card the motorist has a claim against the company.

This credit right can be “transferred” to third parties. Thus, by agreeing with the coachbuilder, the injured person can have the machine repaired by him free of charge and immediately; in return he gives him the credit towards the insurance company. In this case the mechanic takes over all the rights of the motorist in respect of the insurance: he will have to go “knocking” on the liquidator’s door to be compensated and he can also sue if he does not receive the payment.

How to prepare for the lawyer’s exam

How to prepare for the lawyer’s exam

Studying jurisprudence is a considerable commitment, with years of intense preparation and analysis, alternating with moments of practice and training also in the field. Like all university courses, clearly, the achievement of the degree is nothing but the beginning of another path, destined to the choice of a career and a professional outlet. For the vast majority of law graduates, of course, this outlet is the profession of lawyer, with the conduct of the forensic practice and the passing of the examination of qualification for the profession. The qualifying examination for the lawyer is structured in three written tests and an oral exam , and requires a profound preparation both manual and jurisprudential and procedural. Here then  cHow to prepare for the lawyer’s exam? How to study for lawyer qualification and how to organize.

Prepare for the lawyer’s exam: the study of the manuals
The writing of the certification exam takes place every year in December, so the dates are roughly unchanged in each exam session. This allows all the participants to organize themselves on time, setting up the study of the manuals with the simultaneous carrying out of the forensic practice. If, in fact, near the dates, it is perhaps a good strategy to spend more time preparing, studying more diligently (and then agreeing with your dominus to stay at home), starting to solidify the preparation already in the previous months helps do not get too late in December with the program.

This suggestion does not necessarily apply to everyone: there are also candidates who have studied working, without taking breaks or being away from professional commitments, managing to prepare themselves in the same way with accuracy. Any strategy can be useful, as long as it works for the person who is preparing, and who inevitably knows their strengths and weaknesses.

Prepare for the lawyer’s examination: drafting the opinions and the act
One aspect should never be underestimated: we are talking about a written test, in which one asks to argue a partisan position through two opinions and a judicial act. The classical theoretical preparation, therefore, of a university and manual form, certainly serves, but up to a certain point. On the other hand, it is essential, and indispensable, to practice writing, both carrying out opinions and preparing deeds. There are many texts on the market that illustrate the techniques of drafting and carrying out that contain opinions and acts performed:

practice to do them, without reading them and just trying but to trace the lineup and then verifying the proposed course, allows you to monitor your progress and become increasingly rapid in writing. Greater awareness and security are acquired by practicing at home, in comfort, and there are more possibilities to manage the track at the time of the lawyer’s exam, where stress and fatigue are much greater. The same goes for thedrafting of the judicial act : from the practical point of view, especially if you intend to choose the civil procedural law in the examination, it is essential to have exercised – several times – to draw up all the possible types that may be submitted during the examination.

On the other hand, this whole exercise can never disregard the consultation of the codes, both commented and without reference to jurisprudential references. However, since the law has changed, and soon the codes admitted during the examinationwill no longer be those noted with jurisprudence, the cut of the study will certainly be more focused on strengthening the memory on what may be the most important sentences that have been there in recent years.

It is not a matter of learning them all by heart, but focusing on the most striking jurisprudential overturns, on the united sections that have solved long-standing controversies discussed in jurisprudence. Also in this case, it is possible to check in the bookshop, as there are numerous texts that summarize the main innovations facing the hottest topics from the point of view of jurisprudential oscillations, and it is essential to prepare diagrams, summaries or summary tables for a quick review of the last minute. Each of us has his method,

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