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The legal industry is increasingly competitive and companies are turning to real estate experts to help differentiate their brands, reduce operating costs and drive talent acquisition and retention. Our team of Law Firm Services experts specializes in creating real estate solutions that support our clients’ diverse practices, enhance productivity and increase long-term profitability.

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Whether it’s connecting your dollars with the right opportunities or introducing you to qualified buyers for your assets, Colliers has the global relationships to help elevate the return on your investments.

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Our Corporate Solutions services team works as an extension of your own, bringing a unique combination of deep expertise within each integrated service area and an enterprising culture made up of people who are at Colliers to make a difference through our passion for flexibility

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Arriving at an opinion of a property’s value is a complex and disciplined process that can significantly impact your business. A well-supported appraisal is often a necessary step in securing a loan.

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Property renovation or expansion can be an exciting opportunity to modernize a dated facility and create demand, decrease costs and improve a property’s appeal.

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By partnering with Colliers, you have the opportunity to work with a global team of experienced professionals — including practicing attorneys and active members of legal industry organizations who can provide the type of tailored expertise you need. Whether you require comprehensive portfolio strategies, real estate consulting services, lease administration, project management, location strategies and optimization, or innovative workplace strategy services, we can provide the right solutions for your business.

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mgillinlaw Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CIGI) (TSX: CIGI) is a top tier global real estate services and investment management company operating in 69 countries with a workforce of more than 13,000 professionals. Colliers is the fastest-growing publicly listed global real estate services and investment management company, with 2017 corporate revenues of $2.3 billion ($2.7 billion including affiliates). With an enterprising culture and significant employee ownership and control, Colliers professionals provide a full range of services to real estate occupiers, owners and investors worldwide, and through its investment management services platform, has more than $25 billion of assets under management from the world’s most respected institutional real estate investors.


“Matt Cadwell and his staff got me through a rough time in my divorce proceedings. His office was highly professional and responsive. Matt kept me informed throughout the process. I was finally able to convince my wife to use a mediator instead of her nasty, unreasonable, and expensive attorney and Mr. Cadwell referred us to an excellent mediator that we’re using to complete our divorce. Boyd Law is the place to start in the scary, emotional process of divorce. Highly recommended.”


“I hired a company for professional services that was in breach of contract. Boyd law was able to write a demand letter to obtain a refund, and get me out of the contract. Within one week, we had a resolution. Boyd law staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. My fiancé also worked with them in the past on an Estate & Probate case which is what prompted me to work with them on my matter. Highly recommended if you want results!”


“Karie Boyd and her team are some of the most amazing, caring lawyers out there. I have known her and her colleagues both as a colleague and as a client. I can’t say enough good things. Honest, reliable, professional, and get the job done. They helped me with two separate issues and did it fast and in a very cost-effective way. Thank you, Boyd Law!”


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Tips on consulting with a family lawyer

Tips on consulting with a family lawyer

Looking for family lawyers in Armidale? If you are looking for one, you need to make sure you have an initial consultation with at least two or three family lawyers. This would help you determine who the best person to handle your case is.

There are some cases which are pretty simple. The divorce is amiable and both parties are looking at the same things. However, there are certain cases in which the two partner may not agree upon the same thing. In such cases its best to hire an experienced family lawyer. They should have the experience of handling family cases in court. Sometimes it is not possible to solve the issue outside of court and things need to be taken to court.

So what exactly is a consultation?

A consultation is not the same as hiring a lawyer. Its ore of an evaluation whether you would like to work with a particular lawyer or not. Consider it as a meeting with an attorney. A meeting where you get to decide whether you want to hire a family lawyer or not. They would give you legal advice based on how they deduce your case. It is a good time to evaluate the way they talk to you. Do you feel at ease with them? Do you understand what they are trying to tell you? Do they use simple language to help you get what’s written in the contract? All these things need to be kept in mind.

This is a meeting where you can talk about thing which have been bothering you. Now is the time to ask all the questions which have been in your mind:

  • All the general information pertaining to your case. Keep in mind that no two cases are the same. What may have worked for one couple may not for the other?
  • Any questions that you have regarding their fees. If you are on a budget, knowing how much the attorney charges would help you arrive at a decision much faster
  • Also you can get all the information about things like alimony, a pre-nuptial and child custody.

A consultation is important because it helps people understand where they actually stand. For someone who has been just served a court summon, things can seem complicated. Sometimes understanding the legal jargon can be tough. If someone explains it in simple terms, things become clear and people have a better perspective of their current situation.

People who are undergoing family problems are already disturbed and they need to make sure that they hire a lawyer who can help come out of their problems without any difficulties.

Keep in mind that you hire a lawyer who is experienced. Someone who ah dealt with case and practices in family law. This would help make matters easier. Plus you also need to make sure that you have a comfort level with your lawyer because you would discuss many sensitive issues with them.

Keeping these things in mind would also help you find the right family lawyers in Armidale.


Varied services offered by Solicitors Hervey Bay

Varied services offered by Solicitors Hervey Bay

The best possible outcome is achieved for you in Hervey Bay by hiring the services of solicitors, Hervey Bay. The independent and clear advice and personal attention offered and spoken in layman’s language is the best way to understand the intricacies of your particular case.

The experience and knowledge of reputable solicitors is the smartest way to gain a voice in all your transactions, deals, and other legal needs.


Medical Negligence Claims

The term clinical or medical negligence applies to situations where a medical practitioner’s mistake results in personal injury to a patient. Medical professionals generally are diligent and dedicated to providing the highest medical treatment to any patient.

However, misdiagnosis or surgical mistakes or failure on the part of the medical practitioner to notice or act on a medical need becomes medical negligence. The patient’s loved ones or the patient can file for a medical negligence claim when the received medical care seems as sub-standard causing loss of quality of life, injury, or worse, death.

The illnesses and injuries resulting from medical negligence include the following medical practitioners:

  • Lab technicians
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Psychologists
  • Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • Opticians
  • Plastic surgeons

Situations that usually involve medical negligence claims include:

  • Aesthetic awareness during a surgical procedure while under general anaesthesia
  • Delayed diagnosis of an injury or illness
  • Error in medicinal prescription
  • Surgical instruments or foreign bodies retained in the patient’s body following a surgical procedure
  • Inaccurate or incorrect test results
  • Errors during a surgical procedure
  • Illness contracted due to substandard clinical or hospital hygiene
  • Substandard care of the patient
  • Misdiagnosis of an injury or illness

A solicitor versed and specialising in medical negligence claims should be immediately contacted if you have been subjected to any form of medical negligence.

Making a Will

Any aspects of your will are capably handled by specialist probate solicitors. The services offered by experienced probate solicitors include:

  • Care representative
  • Grant of Inheritance/Probate Tax
  • Challenging/contesting a will
  • Making a will in Hervey Bay
  • Power of Attorney
  • Wards of Court/wardship


Personal Injury Claims

Someone else’s negligence that resulted or made worse an illness or injury falls under the “personal injury” legal term. Any person suffering in the described circumstances can file for a personal injury claim.

A person’s quality of life can be affected by any kind of injury. The household’s monthly income is affected when an individual becomes unemployed as a result of a personal injury.

The solicitor’s role is to make the process of personal injury claims easy for you and your loved ones. Accidents happen at the most unlikely times and places. They can happen at work, on the road, in a public place, and even while travelling overseas.

The most common personal injuries include:

  • Work accidents
  • Taxi accidents
  • Car crash accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Occupational injuries
  • Holiday accidents
  • Flight accidents
  • Bus accidents


All the important issues of your life, home, relationships, and work can be planned and managed by reputable and experienced solicitors. Bell Dixon Butler Solicitors are ready to listen to your experience and offer advice on the most advantageous process for your case.



Questions to ask before hiring family lawyers in Hervey Bay

Questions to ask before hiring family lawyers in Hervey Bay

It is very easy for you to find yourself in family disputes, and disputes can be the most challenging thing that you will experience at that moment. To avoid been torn apart the family disputes, you will be required to find someone who will help you with the legal advice that you are seeking. However, the family lawyers have so many areas of specialisation, and hence you will require being very specific to the type of lawyers that you need. It would be very good for you if you got a lawyer who will be very helpful when it comes to your needs. However, the following are some of the questions that you should ask before you hire a family lawyer in Hervey Bay:

  1. Is the lawyer qualified?

The first thing that you need to find out before you hire a family lawyer is whether they have been to a law school for training or not. This is because all lawyers need to undergo training in a law school for them to be qualified lawyers. For this reason, you need to ask for their credentials to be sure that the lawyer you are about to hire was trained and is qualified in dealing with family law.

  1. What is the lawyer’s level of experience?

Another important thing that you need to ask yourself before you hire them is the length of time that they have been practising family law. This will help you know about the level of experience of the tat the lawyers have. Always go for the lawyers that have higher levels of experience.

Apart from the level of experience that the lawyers have, ensure that you get to know how many cases that your lawyer has been working on cases dealing with family law and also the number of cases that have been entrusted to them and also the cases that they have won.

  1. How many similar cases have they solved?

The other important question that you need to ask the lawyer is whether they have solved cases similar to yours before. This will give you a chance to know whether the family lawyer will be able to solve your case or you will be entrusting them with your case only to lose at the end. Even if you think that your case is complex, the lawyer you want to hire must have solved a case that is complex and not only the simple cases.

  1. How will the lawyer contact you during your case?

One of the key things that will help you during your case is communication. For this reason, you will need to be sure of the mode of communication that you and your lawyer will be using. For this reason, ensure that you find out whether your lawyer will be calling you, emailing you or will be talking to you face to face. You should also be sure if whether they will be responding to you when you need them.

  1. What are the charges for the services?

The other important question to ask the amount of money you will be charged for the services you get. Get a lawyer who is not too expensive for you.

  1. What is the lawyer’s area of specialisation?

There are so many family lawyers, and each of them has their areas of specialisation like divorce, legal separation,  paternity, child custody, wills,  child support, and spousal support. For this reason, the lawyer that you hire should be able to help you in the area of your need. Get help for each specialty from family lawyer services from GS Law.

Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring Process Server in Brisbane

Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring Process Server in Brisbane

Have you been summoned at court? Do you have legal documents which need to be delivered to a third party? It is better to hire a process server in Brisbane to handle serving documents. Before you actually hire a process server, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Always verify the credential of the process servers you are looking to hire. This can be done using help of a search engine and looking through the yellow pages. According to the state law document servers need to have a certain level of professionalism and their protocol should be such that the delivery of documents should be considered within legal boundaries.
  • You can check their efficacy by going through reviews left by previous clients. Just because someone as many years of experience doesn’t mean that they are doing a completely professional job. Just don’t ignore someone on the basis of them not being experienced enough. There are process servers who are diligent and do their job well regardless of having only a few years of training. Make sure you check out previous customers reviews to get an idea regarding their mode of work and how they handle a variety of projects.
  • Serving documents can be complicated if you are vague regarding the party to whom the papers need to be served. Keep in mind that you have to give the most correct information which you can come up with. This would help reduce the time it would take to serve the papers or documents thus lowering the cost of the whole proceeding. In case the process server has to make an extra effort finding the third party, be prepared to pay a hefty sum. All small details come in handy. In case the person being served lives in a different vicinity you should be prepared to handle the extra cost of transportation and delivery.
  • Sometimes the person who is to be served the legal documents might be difficult to trace or they might not be as receptive to the documents being served. This can again cause a problem. However the right document server would be able to handle the situation with ease. They are experienced enough to know that things tend to get complicated, especially when it comes to handling legal documents. So make sure you hire someone with the right knowledge and experience.
  • Do they use the right kind of innovative technology? Any time the papers are served the server should make sure they notify you about that without any delay. They should hand over a second document over to you to assure you of the delivery of the documents.
  • For land lords looking for someone reliable to serve documents to annoying tenants, it’s necessary to make sure that the process server they hire is vigilant and tenacious. Make sure you do proper research when it comes to hire process servers in Brisbane.

Grainger Investigations are process servers in Brisbane. They are one of the best in the business, so be sure to get in touch wit them.

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