One of the most challenging, yet rewarding careers that a strong-willed and witty individual can practice and enhance is being a lawyer. It is by far the most complex profession, considering that it doesn’t focus only on one particular type of  law but on multiple, inter-disciplinary measures of understanding the pros and cons of human actions. These include the applicable penalties or sanctions commensurate to a lapse or lack of judgment resulting in an offence or a violation either to a person or a particular property.

It is for these reasons that lawyers on the Gold Coast are opening their doors to every client needing immediate or long term legal assistance. With their expertise in this field and the number of fruitful years in the service of the Australian community, the trust and confidence of their clients have given them enough reason to seek justice for those who were offended and somehow paved the way in the successful litigation of offenders.

Consultation and acceptance

Before anyone can get the legal services of a counsel or an attorney, there has to be a one-time consultation between a lawyer and his client. Details of the case or the offence should be discussed in order to establish legal arguments pertinent to the case. Apart from this, consultations are also necessary to identify documentary and material evidence according to the case. Depending on the gravity or complexity of the lawsuit, lawyers in the Gold Coast may or may not charge clients with consultation fees but certainly will demand an acceptance fee to make him an official legal counsel.

Representations in every proceeding

A judge would postpone a pre-trial or court proceeding if one party is not represented by a legal counsel. A lawyer could either be the counsel for the accused or counsel for the defendant. Before judges could begin trials in court, lawyers from both parties are called to stand for record purposes and due recognition by the attending public. The court proceeding will also require cross-examinations of witnesses from both parties, including the concerned accused or defendant. Lawyers’ questions can be objected  as misleading, malicious or irrelevant and more often, the judge would make an objection is sustained, meaning, any witness should honestly answer the question. Otherwise, they could be charged with contempt of court because prior to a formal cross-examination, they are under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Likewise, if the question is ruled out by the presider to be overruled, layers are obliged to change, rephrase or paraphrase the question to avoid technical court rulings.

Coaching and rehearsing answers in court proceedings

Lawyers in the Gold Coast will not take the risk of sending their clients on the witness stand without preparing for the right answers during questioning or cross-examination. In criminal cases, for example, whether or not there are sufficient grounds for an accused to be given a guilty verdict, legal counsel, especially for the offender, would coach their clients to state a “not guilty” plea during an inquest proceeding. This will allow the court to continue scheduling other proceedings in the future, while both parties search for credible witnesses and gather sufficient evidence to either prove or deny innocence to a particular criminal offence.

Execution of legal remedies

Since every client is represented by his lawyer or legal counsel, he will be able to learn when is a motion for reconsideration applicable, or rather, what violations or offence will be covered under a petition for bail. Without a lawyer, neither of these remedies are possible.